The Shadrach Option

From John Piper:

A growing number of American Christians are realizing that we are not living in the Promised Land, but in what increasingly appears to be Babylon. If that’s true, then like our Jewish forefathers, we should live here as “sojourners and exiles” (1 Peter 2:11–12), keeping our conduct honorable among the post-Christian Gentiles that surround us, while proclaiming the excellencies of Christ who has called us out of darkness into light.

Read it here:

We need a Shadrach Option. The Supreme Court is playing their funky music on the lyre, and demanding that we all become liars. Like the Roman emperors of the second and third centuries A.D., they are demanding that we offer a pinch of incense to Caesar, acknowledging his divinity. And we should refuse to play ball.

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