Good things come in small packages

How do you measure church success? Is it the numbers? Is it the quality of the music? Is it the number of programs?

The success of a church should be based on the people of the church who want to be disciples of Christ, and who want to live that out. Loving each other, serving each other, praying for each other and sharing with each other [one to another]. Young couples watching older [more mature] well-established couples living out their faith in marriage.  Mentoring and disciplining faith, life, love, parenting, etc.

What else do we need to grow in Christ but a group of people with shared beliefs in the gospel, willing to meet for worship, willing to invest in each other’s lives? That can all happen without the bells and whistles of a big church, but a big church without people of that kind will quickly prove itself.

The important thing is to align yourself with a church and serve. Size isn’t the most important thing. What matters is what’s coming from the pulpit and the commitment of the people who congregate. And we can each make a difference wherever we are, to be a sincere disciple of Christ, no matter how big our church is.

~ Kim Shay

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