Surrendering the Culture War

You cannot nice away the demands of the homosexual lobby because grace, forgiveness, patience, love are not what they want.  Loving the sinner while hating the sin isn’t acceptable to sinners who so fully identify with their sin. They want, they demand that we approve. They want the one thing we cannot possibly give – they want us to call evil good and good evil. Until we do, we will be marginalized, pilloried and despised.

Which is just where humility, grace, and love come in. We do not measure our love of our neighbor by how much they love us, but by how willing we are to be hated by them. Sacrifice for those given over to sexual insanity is being willing to be considered insane by those given over. Loving our enemy means laying our reputations on the altar and watching them go up in smoke. It means crucifying our social standing for the sake of the truth. It is precisely because of our ambition, not our humility, that we set aside our convictions.

This conflict will not be won by laying down our arms, but by laying down our lives.  Until we learn to fear God we are at the mercy of the world.  Jesus promised us if we will not profess Him before men, He will not profess us before His Father (Matthew 10:32).  And He calls us not merely to proclaim a benign and smiling Jesus, but to instruct the world to obey all that He commands.  We will be hated and despised. And that, He promises, brings blessing (Matthew 5:10-12). Lord teach us to surrender our strategy of surrender. Teach us to love our neighbors enough to be hated by them, for Your name’s sake.

R. C. Sproul, Jr.

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