Palm Sunday (Sorry – a little late – read this one first)


It is late March and the Feast of the Passover is near.  The time has come for Jesus to be delivered up.  No Jewish feast is more important to the people, and no feat could be more appropriate for the culmination of Jesus life and ministry.  Passover comes at the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which lasts for 7 days.  It commemorates the exodus of the people of ancient Israel from their captivity in Egypt.  On the Passover, the paschal lamb is slain, just as it was at the beginning at the exodus, at which time its blood was sprinkled over the doors of the Israelite’s.  When death passed over Egypt and the first born of each household was killed, God spared only those households that were covered by the blood.  As the perfect Lamb of God, Jesus himself is about to be slain for he salvation of all who would recognize and accept the power of his blood.

Even as Jesus is approaching Jerusalem, his enemies are plotting His death.  But the suffering will not come until Jesus is has entered the city in triumph.  Riding on a lowly colt, Jesus is met by multitudes who shout and praise God for having sent the “great prophet” in whom they now believe.  Jesus knows, however, that most of them still do not understand the true nature of his messiah-ship and deity, and that there are many more who still do not believe in him at all.  In fact many of the same people that declare “Hosanna in the highest”; in 5 days will declare “crucify Him”!  But today, Jesus is given the greatest welcome of His ministry.

Holy Week:  What happened on Sunday?

Day Event Matthew Mark Luke John
Friday/Saturday Jesus arrives in Bethany 12:1
Mary anoints Jesus 12:2–8
Crowd comes to see Jesus 12:9–11
Sunday Triumphal entry into Jerusalem 21:1–11 11:1–10 19:28–44 12:12–18
Some Greeks seek Jesus 12:20–36
Enters temple 11:11
Returns to Bethany 21:17 11:11

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