Holy Week – Monday

Following the triumphal entry on Sunday, Jesus’ popularity is still high.  As Jesus leaves Bethany he places a curse on an unfruitful fig tree, an incident which he will explain later. Children sing his praises as if to thank him for his continual remembrance of them.  Matthew, Mark and Luke record Jesus’ throwing out the temple money changers as Jesus takes the last opportunity to cleanse the temple.  Enraged as they must be, the merchants and the money changers, like the religious leaders, fear the people and will bide their time.

Jesus speaks freely about his crucifixion and makes a special effort to explain its purpose.  There are many who still disbelieve and as John points out, even their disbelief is a fulfillment of prophecy.  At evening he returns to Bethany.

What happened on Monday?

Day Event Matthew Mark Luke John
Friday/Saturday Jesus arrives in Bethany 12:1
Mary anoints Jesus 12:2–8
Crowd comes to see Jesus 12:9–11
Sunday Triumphal entry into Jerusalem 21:1–11 11:1–10 19:28–44 12:12–18
Some Greeks seek Jesus 12:20–36
Enters temple 11:11
Returns to Bethany 21:17 11:11
Monday Jesus curses the fig tree 21:18–19 11:12–14
Clears the temple 21:12–13 11:15–17 19:45–46
Returns to Bethany with the Twelve 11:19

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