The florist, the baker and the candlestick maker….

The task of upholding the moral order of Scripture and Christendom falls to bakers, photographers, and arrangers of flowers. This is a true occasion for having mixed emotions — being deeply proud of our ordinary foot soldiers and profoundly ashamed of our leadership.

The issue is not the sale of goods to sinners, but rather the celebration of sin with sinners.

If you were a graphics design guy, and a homosexual came in and asked for an ad for his new restaurant, you should have no problem designing his ad for him. If he wanted you to design the ad for his new bathhouse, you would have a problem. You would have the same issues designing an ad for a heterosexual whorehouse.

You do not want your expertise in making things look attractive and winsome to be used in making iniquity [sin] look attractive and winsome.

The reason these particular professions [florists, bakers, photographers] have become the battleground is that homosexual activists are demanding, not our co-participation in the same economy, but rather our approval.

They will not stop until they have that approval, and we should rather die than give it.

~ Douglas Wilson

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