Be a discerning reader…

What our bestsellers say about our discipleship

Considering the top 25 “Christian” books of 2014 – it appears what is considered Christian is very broad [i.e. – not Christian at all].

So, by my count, at best we’ve got two Christian bestsellers [out of the top 25] that are actually Christian. A few are written by Christians and published by Christian publishers, but offer little to nothing of substance in terms of interaction with Scripture, and little to no gospel.

In the end, our bestsellers say more about the state of our discipleship than anything else. We read junk because we don’t see how much better God is. We read fluff because it’s easier than being challenged to conform to the image of Christ. We read nonsense because we don’t really believe that what God has for us is better than the temporary pleasures of this life.

And it’s got to stop. We can do better than this. We must do better than this.

~ Aaron Armstrong

Find solid Christian reviewers that you can trust and check out books before you read them.  In the first place you won’t waste your time on a bad book and on the other hand you will learn how to discern good material from bad and strengthen your understanding of doctrine and theology.

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See the top 25 list here:

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