The most difficult time to lead…

As we have said many times:  in God’s economy the man is the leader of the home.  That is God’s order of authority.  God is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of man, and man is the head of woman.  The fact that the man is not leading his wife and family does not change God’s order – the man who refuses to lead is still the leader, he is just leading poorly.  Considering the sermon from 1 Corinthians last Sunday and the refernece to the curse in Genesis 3 this order of authority is often tainted by sin.  How can a man, who has ignored his duty or lost the respect his wife and family contiue [or begin] to lead as God intended?  See this great post by Tim Challies.

This is the most difficult time to lead. The most difficult time to lead is when you have forfeited the respect of those who are meant to follow you, when your confidence, and theirs, is shattered. But this is also the most important time to lead. This is where a real man will, and must, lead.

You don’t lead because you are worthy, but because you are called. And, my friend, you have been called— commanded and called by God himself. If you are a husband, you have been called. If you are a father, you have been called. You have been called to lead—you and no one else. You have been called to lead despite your sin and your failure, despite your fear and apathy. There is no backup plan, there is no one to lead in your absence, no one better suited, no one better qualified.

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