Kindness, hospitality and love are inconvenient….

Brother Jason made several good points Sunday to the difference between self-ish-ness and self-less-ness.  The Christian should seek to put others needs before their own.  Die to self and live for Christ by loving others and shareing the gospel in word and deed.

This idea of self-less-ness carries with it the fact that to love as Chrst did you will have to sacrafice, be inconvenienced, and maybe even give of your time [gasp!] to love and serve others.

She Reads Truth, a great ladies blog, has an article on Hospitality that I think goes right along with this theme.  Follow the link to read it:

Kindness, hospitality and love from – She Reads Truth Blog

Sometimes hospitality goes beyond invitation. Sometimes it is simply a love that meets and exceeds real needs with peculiar and abnormal kindness.

But, meeting needs can involve a giving away of our time, space, and stuff. We will be asked to sacrifice. Extending true hospitality may not be convenient, expected, or even common, but as followers of Christ, we aren’t called to be common. We are called to unusual kindness and love.

HT [hat tip] to my wife for the heads up on the great article.

One thought on “Kindness, hospitality and love are inconvenient….

  1. Thanks for posting! I love this series on hospitality I’m doing – no coincidence it aligns with Bro. Jason’s sermons series he began this week. I love it when God does that!

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