Happy Reformation Day

Today is Halloween. But more importantly, it’s Reformation Day. It was on this day in 1517 (a Saturday) that a 33-year-old theology professor at Wittenberg University walked over to the Castle Church in Wittenberg and nailed a paper of 95 theses to the door, sparking the Protestant Reformation.







The “Five solae” are five Latin phrases that emerged during the Protestant Reformation and summarize the Reformers’ basic theological beliefs in contradistinction to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church of the day. The Latin word sola means “alone” or “only” in English. The five solae articulated five fundamental beliefs of the Protestant Reformation, pillars which the Reformers believed to be essentials of the Christian life and practice.

1 Sola scriptura (“by Scripture alone”)

2 Sola fide (“by faith alone”)

3 Sola gratia (“by grace alone”)

4 Solus Christus or Solo Christo (“Christ alone” or “through Christ alone”)

5 Soli Deo gloria (“glory to God alone”)

So, following the advice of Scotty Ward Smith of Franklin, TN; it’s a great day to be a whole lot more FOR the Gospel, than against Halloween. It’s a matter of perspective and heart

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