It just keeps getting better

From the the NY Daily News:

Trial marriage:  Give it a shot

In a new USA Network survey, millennials ages 18 to 34 said they preferred to take marriage for a test spin before committing to it for life. 43% said they liked the idea of a “beta marriage,” where a couple has the opportunity to formalize or dissolve the union after a two-year trial period.

Wanting to test-drive “forever” for a couple of years isn’t a sign of defeat but of hope, that millennials believe in marriage and want to make sure it lasts. Isn’t it reassuring that, as easy as it is these days to get a divorce, young people would opt for a system that hedges against that outcome?

Older Americans who preach cultural doom-and-gloom should open their eyes and admit: Perhaps no two groups are doing more to promote monogamous marriage than same-sex couples and young people — gays and lesbians for demanding it, and millennials for troubleshooting it.

If you don’t have a biblical definition for HOPE and MARRIAGE how will you defend the faith that you profess when confronted by the definition of this present age?  If you get marriage wrong you get the gospel wrong.  A wrong gospel is not a saving gospel.

Read the entire article here:

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