Stop being surprised by evil

@Calvinist Girl:  I’ll never understand why it’s so hard for Christians to realize that sinners are going to sin.

It should not surprise us when heathens act in heathen ways. This is what they do. I encourage all to read Romans 1 again. We are watching the natural outcome of what happens when people “exchange the truth of God for a lie.”

America isn’t a Christian nation anymore. Finding ten righteous people in Sodom & Gomorrah wouldn’t of made the city righteous. Just because we still have a decent percentage of people living in this nation who are Christian does not mean we have a Christian nation.

To be furious at the spiritually blind for being blind isn’t the call that Christ gave us. He called us to pray that their eyes be opened.  Being all things to all people in order that we might save some is hard to do from a stance of “I’m good and your bad”.  It should be from a stance of “we are all bad, there is only one that is good – Jesus”. 

This does not mean that we try to live in harmony with the world by moving away from an orthodox view of the Bible.  We cannot accept a compromised and rebellious view that the world offers.  We cannot be FOR anything that chooses to live against God. Anything that sets its mind and heart to rebel against God is not something to admire, celebrate, or join in unity around.

If you think the church’s relation and understanding to culture is difficult now, just wait 15-20 years. As hard as it is to remain a Christian unshaken on the Word of God (without tampering with it) in the face of what our culture is doing and saying, it will be far worse when our kids grow up. We ought to mourn this. This should move us to prayer, intercession, mercy, evangelism, preaching, etc. It is a great problem. Thankfully, His grace is greater still.


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