The Sunday Sports Dilemma

Megan Hill, writing for “Her-meneutics”:  

Refusing to participate in Sunday sports is not easy. It’s not easy for parents, and it’s certainly not easy for children whose friends celebrate victories without them. But the truth is that Christianity is not an easy life. Following Christ is a path of self-denying cross-taking and Jesus himself urged potential followers to count the cost of commitment (Luke 9:23-27, 57-62; 14:25-33). We give our children an unrealistic picture of Christianity—and set them up for disillusionment—when we smooth the path of faith ahead of them.

Great article with many good and some controversial points.  Worth a read.  Even the comments section has some very fair and balanced thoughts on the matter.  Good thought exercise for your Christian world view and our Sunday School lesson this week on the Sabbath.

Read it here:

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