Men lead (though sometimes badly)

As we have said before; in God’s economy the man is the leader of the home.  It matters not if the man accepts it or not.  If he is not leading it does not mean he is not the leader, it just means that he is leading badly.

It matters:

A 2008 survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that women outnumber men in attendance in every major Christian denomination, and they are 20 to 25 percent more likely to attend worship at least weekly.

Why does it matter that woman are more church-going than men?

“If the mom comes [to church], there’s a 15% chance the family will,” says Pastor Ross Sawyers of 121 Community Church in Grapevine, Texas. “But if the man comes to church, 90% of the time the family will come along behind.”

Also a prime example that Christian ladies should seek only a Christian man that takes  his faith seriously.


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