Love – I do not think it means what you think it means ~ Inigo Montoya


Concerning holding a traditional / biblical view of marriage and life:

Per Fox news and Maina Mwaura [pastor at Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama]:  One cable news anchor recently responded to an interview with the Benham brothers, shaking her head in disapproval, responding, “love they neighbor, as thyself.” It is the ignorant misuse of Bible, like this, that has led to anti-religious coercion, bullying and intimidation. You can both love gays and still hold to the belief that marriage should be withheld for a man and woman.

The news anchor said:  “Love they neighbor as thyself” – implying to not embrace / affirm folks in their homosexual / same sex life style is the same as not loving them [hating them].

I submit that folks that hold this position do not know what Love [especially to love thy neighbor] really means.

Love is a commitment to the good of the other — and rebellion against God is never for the good of the other. Sin against God is never for the good of the other. Turning away from life and love and forgiveness and reconciliation, and embracing guilt and wrath and doom and despair, wrapped in a straitjacket of rationalizations and distractions — these things are never about the good of the other.

Real love will point someone away from sin and death, and to Christ, the Gospel, life and forgiveness. If that
Christward call to repentant in faith is absent, so is love.

This is one of those cases where the crystal-clear thinking that the fear of God teaches can stand as a bright beacon of witness to God’s wisdom, in our murky, fogbound culture.

That is, if fitting in with the culture isn’t our highest ambition. Which it never will be, once our own world has been tilted by the Gospel.

[excerpt from a much longer post here:]

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