Loving the Sins & Hating the Sinner

I had to read it real slow 3 or 4 times, but when you finally get it, it says a lot about how we operate.

Loving the Sins & Hating the Sinner

The truth is that we all face the temptation to favor our own sins, to put them in the category that Jesus was cool with, while damning the sins of our enemies. Our calling, of course, is to fight that temptation. We do that not by making the common mistake of flattening out all sins, affirming, for instance, that murdering your own unborn baby is the same as being impatient with slow drivers. Instead we do it by recognizing two key truths. Jesus calls us all to repent, and Jesus loves and welcomes all who do repent. To fail to call for repentance is to love their sins while hating the sinners. To fail to receive the repentant is also to love the sin while hating the sinner.

Sin is real. Denying its reality is to deny reality. Forgiveness in Christ is real. Denying its reality is to deny reality. The gospel calls sinners to repent, and calls repentant sinners brother. We who are being remade by the gospel must do the same.

Dr. R. C. Sproul, Jr.

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