Holy Week – Thursday

Traditionally, Thursday is the day Jesus directed his disciples  to prepare for the Passover meal.  That evening they ate the Passover meal together, and Jesus reinterpreted the elements of the meal as signs of his death as the Passover lamb.  They close the meal by singing a hymn.  Jesus and the disciples then left Jerusalem, crossing the Kidron Valley to the east, and went to a garden on the Mount of Olives called Gethsemane.  There Jesus prayed.  In this garden is where Judas betrayed Jesus and he was arrested.

The trial began on Thursday evening and lasted until Friday morning.

Day Event Matthew Mark Luke John
Thursday Passover meal/Last Supper 26:20–35 14:17–26 22:14–30
Upper Room Discourse 13:1–17:26
Jesus prays in Gethsemane 26:36–46 14:32–42 22:39–46

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