Holy Week – Wednesday [Thursday]

What happened on Wednesday?  The exact timing of the events of Wednesday into Thursday and beyond are somewhat difficult to pin down definitively, especially when we compare the Gospel of John with the other Synoptic Gospels [synoptic = many of the same stories in similar sequence].  John MacArthur has a very well though out theory that is very convincing if not complicated.  F. LaGard Smith, in his chronological study bible, has another theory that puts the last supper the day before Passover and Jesus dying at the same time as the Pascal lamb.  The ESV Study bible determines Wednesday to be largely silent of any major events.  Despite the difficulties, don’t lose sight of the fact the Jesus is marching toward the Cross on our behalf, regardless of the exact timing.

What happened on Wednesday?

Day Event Matthew Mark Luke John
Friday/Saturday Jesus arrives in Bethany       12:1
Mary anoints Jesus       12:2–8
Crowd comes to see Jesus       12:9–11
Sunday Triumphal entry into Jerusalem 21:1–11 11:1–10 19:28–44 12:12–18
Some Greeks seek Jesus       12:20–36
Enters temple   11:11    
Returns to Bethany 21:17 11:11    
Monday Jesus curses the fig tree 21:18–19 11:12–14    
Clears the temple 21:12–13 11:15–17 19:45–46  
Returns to Bethany with the Twelve   11:19    
Tuesday Disciples see the withered fig tree on the return to Jerusalem 21:20–22 11:20–21    
Temple controversies in Jerusalem 21:23–23:39 11:27–12:44 20:1–21:4  
Olivet Discourse on the return to Bethany 24:1–25:46 13:1–37 21:5–36  
Wednesday Jesus continues daily teaching in the temple     21:37–38  
Sanhedrin plots to kill Jesus 26:3–5 14:1–2 22:1–2  
Wednesday/Thursday Preparations for the Passover 26:17–19 14:12–16 22:7–13  

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