Intellectual satisfaction….

We must realize that the value of hard teachings from scripture, are not dependent on whether we agree with them or not.  Biblical truth is true [John. 17:17] no matter if we like it [or agree with it] or not.  What we must ultimately understand is that ALL scripture is breathed out by God and is for His glory, not for our intellectual satisfaction.

Some doctrines the Bible reveals very succinctly and sometimes simply.  Other times the doctrines are stated without explanation and we are required to have faith [2 Cor. 5:7].  The Holy Spirit is present in the believers life to illuminate the scripture for salvation, sanctification and God glorification through obedience to the scripture and the one living God.  But sometimes the hidden things are God’s, yet; He reveals sufficiently in scripture all we need to obey and glorify Him [Deut. 29:29].

Study hard, study often and study well.  Try your best to understand the hard teachings of the bible so you can not only obey, but that you might be ready to present the gospel in season and out of season.

After all, there is power in the gospel!

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