The generational slide….[not the electric]

A study released last year shows that support for gay marriage is increasing rapidly across the country in both red and blue states [Republican and Democrat, north and south].  Don’t miss that.  It is not just the north and liberal left and right coast cities.  In the South overall, support for same-sex marriage has similarly risen from 22 percent in 2003 to 48 percent in 2013. In ten years, support for gay marriage has more than doubled in the American South.

How do you explain that revolution of public opinion in just ten short years?

Studies have begun to reveal that the shift is not regional as much as it is generational.

The Millennial generation and younger simply do not believe what their parents and grandparents have believed about the definition of marriage. Ten years ago, these young people were not a part of public opinion polls. Now they are, and they are beginning to outnumber their more conservative forebears. In another ten years (perhaps before), the revolution will be total. Those of us who hold to a traditional view of marriage (and of sexual morality in general) will be in a decided minority from sea to shining sea.

Where did we miss the boat with the younger generation?  Why don’t they believe our definition of marriage?  [Deut. 11:19, Proverbs 22:6 [financial context aside], Titus 2. etc.]

Cultural Christianity is dead, and we are going to be a minority in the culture. Our expectations need to change. That means that we need to be developing a vision for what it will look like for us to be a genuine counter-culture moving forward.

Our children will be facing a culture that despises the biblical view of sexuality, of manhood and womanhood, of gender roles, and of home life. A major part of their discipleship will mean teaching and modeling those things before them in a hostile context in which faithfulness might be costly.


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