Give me liberty or give me legalism….

  • Legalism is creating moral standards beyond what the Scripture has revealed.
  • The sin of judging is negatively evaluating someone’s conduct or spiritual state on the basis of non-biblical standards or suspected motives.

Legalism leads to spiritual pride and arrogance. This causes people to become puffed up because of their attention to extra-biblical traditions or man centered preferences. Second, legalism leads to division in the church as Christians allow themselves to become fractured by man-made ideas and rules.  Once you have made the move into legalism, the sin of judging cannot be far behind.

What is the remedy?  Bible literacy!  Read and study your bible for your own edification and sanctification first.  Remove the plank from your own eye by using the moral precepts of scripture, BEFORE you try and apply these precepts to others.  Fixation on the sin of others that takes precedent over your own holiness should be a cause of concern.

Remember that where the bible commands you must obey, BUT where the bible does not command you have the freedom and responsibility to choose within the moral precepts of scripture and so do others.  Don’t press your liberty or freedom in Christ on others and don’t judge others by theirs.

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment. [John 7:24]

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