The cost of purposing in your heart

Jobs exist as a means to care for your family. Some jobs are meaningful in their own right, but most, when separated from family, serve no great purpose other than as vehicles for personal advancement.

What’s the point of personal advancement? The answer is either A) to amass wealth and material possessions for your own enjoyment or B) to be in a better position to use your abilities to serve others. ~ Matt Walsh

There is nothing inherently wrong with wealth and possessions but we know the result of storing up treasure here vs. storing up treasure in heaven.  Enjoyment can and should be personal.  God in His wisdom gives us likes and dislikes; wants and desires; and the blessings of resources to obtain these good things from above.

But like most things in life it is the attitude of the heart that matters most to God.  If your overriding enjoyment from your pursuit of stuff is directed at self, then you may have missed the point.  Serving and caring for others out of the resources God has provided should bring you the most enjoyment of all.

Similar to tithing, the implication of sacrifice seems to fit here as well.  If you give/serve out of your excess [it does not cost you anything]; where is the sacrifice in that?  If you don’t begin to have a heart attitude of “what can I do without” in order to meet a need in someone else’s life, you are not really purposing in your heart to honor God.

God expects you to be a good steward of the resources he has provided and support and protect your family and support your local church body that you are a MEMBER of.  I get that.  But you should also have an eye [desire] always looking forward to how you can minister to others.

Just like you plan for that vacation and that new house and new vehicle and retirement; are you planning on how you can meet the needs of those less fortunate than you?

Just as a side note to this long rambling post:  Need-meeting does not always mean money.  Often it is easy [no sacrifice at all] to throw money at a problem.  But when we involve ourselves and our time in other people’s lives [loving them] it can get messy.  Messy is hard. Jesus never said bearing each other burdens and weeping together and laughing together would be easy or neat.

As always, don’t fall in the works righteousness trap.  These things we have mentioned are not what make you right before God; it is the evidence that you already are right with God by His grace through faith in His Son – Jesus Christ.  He has changed your heart and the attitude is proven by your good works.

If you life lacks evidence, maybe we need to talk.

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