Plenty of people fake it in their spiritual lives. They want to look like healthy Christians or to make it through church without anyone looking sideways at them or asking a personal question. That comes from a heart of pride and deceit. Pretending never has any goal in mind other than to fool people until one can escape the circumstance.

Trying until it pays off, on the other hand, is different. It comes from a heart of need and an eye on the goal of growth in holiness. Keep putting yourself in God’s way; keep reading the Bible and trying to pray even when you heart is not in it. Try until it pays off. If the motivation is to encounter God then its not faking even if doesn’t “feel” real. The attitude of the heart makes it real.

Both faking and trying might feel like we are going through the motions, but the end result of one is emptiness and exposure. The result of the other is closeness with God.

~ Barnabas Piper (The Blazing Center Blog)

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