Often burnout occurs in ministry because we are overwhelmed by the need of others, or we are overburdened by those who seem intent on destroying themselves, even though we know that they know the truth. There are the times when we must go after our own hearts and remind ourselves of the gospel again.

We cannot change others no matter how great our gift or how amazing our ministry may be. The changing of the human heart is exclusively an extraordinary work of God’s Holy Spirit. Only when salvation has truly occurred in the life of a person will we begin to see them hand their lives over to the Lordship of Jesus (maturing / sanctification).

Preach the gospel to yourself every day. Be obedient and witness to others. Depend on God’s grace to sustain you when His grace seems to be absent in the lives of those you are ministering to. If there are no “others” in your life (people you are ministering to) pray about that.

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