Going with the flow

Bro. Jason talked from 1 Cor. 6 about not going with the flow of the world and actually fighting against it is what Christians often must do.  I found this info to be quite a good example of what going with the flow gets you.

Consider two issues: casino gambling and marijuana.

In 1990, casino gambling was still concentrated in Nevada and Atlantic City. Then came the rise of Indian-reservation gambling; then came casinos with no tribal association. Today 23 states have commercial casinos.  23 years has seen 21 states open up [the flow] to something that was previously anathema.

The marijuana revolution is arguably not so far advanced, since only two states, Washington and Colorado, are experimenting with outright legalization. But more such experiments are expected to follow soon, and medicinal marijuana is already available in 20 states.  Public opinion [the flow] on the issue has shifted from 32 percent support for legalization in 2002 to 58 percent in the latest Gallup poll.

Not to mention abortion and same sex marriage, with infanticide, euthanasia,  polygamy, and multiple partner unions on the horizon.

No matter how the tide ebbs and flows one thing will never change, God’s word [John 17:17].  No matter if you like it or not and no matter what society says – the Lord of all creation will do rightly. And rightly is being true to his word – the promises of His love and His justice.

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