WDNX Sharathon

WDNX needs your prayers.  Sharathon is November 12-14, so very soon.  The theme this year is “Celebrate Life, Living Intentionally for Eternity”.

I honestly think that when someone supports the ministry of WDNX they are truly storing up treasure in Heaven.

As you may have heard, with donations being down, and lightning strikes, equipment that needs to be replaced must be repaired (still costly) instead.  Ideally, we could replace the equipment and use the repaired pieces for back up.  Don’t know about you, but being off the air for an extended period of time is rather disconcerting for me.  The enemy intends to harm us through all of these issues, but I am believing God is preparing to do a mighty work, building up this humble radio station to continue to encourage His children.  Will He use you and your prayers for the blessing we need?  Will the Holy Spirit move you or those in your sphere of influence to support us?
Please, add us to your prayer list, put it on your bulletin board-at work, church or home, put it in your church bulletin or newsletter.

Don’t forget to visit!!Thank you!!

Always prayerful,sheri

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